First Copper Sulphate Shipment Completed

Tartana Minerals Limited (ASX: TAT) (the Company), is pleased to announce that it has completed the first shipment of Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate (Copper Sulphate) from Tartana’s newly recommissioned Copper Sulphate plant.


First Copper Sulphate shipment completed from Tartana to offtake partner KaninsPayment received and start of ongoing cashflow for TartanaFurther shipments are targeted to commence on a more regular basis as production ramps upCopper drilling announced last week is ongoing, with target completion next week with aim to provide bulk samples for mineralogical testwork

Tartana Minerals Managing Director, Stephen Bartrop, commented:

“Our first shipment of Copper Sulphate with our 100% offtake partner, Kanins International, is a significant step towards recommencing commercial steady-state production and reflects a coalescence of over two years of work in recommissioning this plant. We now look towards moving into a more regular rhythm of shipments being completed.

“Recent Copper price improvements directly increase the profitability of this project as Copper Sulphate is priced by reference to its Copper weight plus a premium.”

As agreed with the Company’s 100% offtake partner, Kanins International, the Company has been paid for the product immediately upon the product leaving mine site. Cash receipts from Kanins will be reflected in the Company’s quarterly cash flow reporting on and from this Q4 FY24.

Drilling Ongoing

Last week, Tartana announced that it would commence a diamond drill hole for metallurgical sampling, targeting PQ sizing. Tartana is pleased to advise that drilling commenced successfully last week and is expected to be completed next week.

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